The Right Laptop for You

Choosing a laptop can be a confusing experience, given the amount of options that are out there these days. Does it need to be a speed demon with extra RAM and a dual core or can it be a light and sleek machine, ready to be grabbed to run off to the next appointment?

Here are a few very clear delineations between the types of people that might have a laptop, and what they should be looking into.

* The Student – Whether it is college of high school, the needs of a student are probably some of the most intensive. That isn’t because of their schoolwork, but because of all their potential extra-curricular activities. On a budget, you can find a nice and sleek laptop that will handle all of their homework, be lightweight enough to run to various classes, and still take on a little video gaming. Keep an eye out for some extra RAM and perhaps a graphics accelerator.

* Business – The key to a business laptop is weight and ease of use. You want no waiting, but don’t need all of the bells and whistles. Your cost options are going to be determined simply by the speed of the processor as well as the weight of the machine. Think light and fast, and you’ll find your perfect machine.

* Family – The more people accessing a laptop, the more versatile it is going to need to be. If your whole family is accessing it, it needs to have a lot of everything. Speed and excess RAM, a large enough hard disk to supply the needs of everyone, and perhaps a big screen for any media that you end up enjoying. Remember, the more you pay, the longer it is going to last.

* Amateur Photographer – Photos take up a lot of space, so having a giant hard drive and a fast graphics processor is going to make sure that you never miss the chance for a good shot. As time wears on, you might find that you are even investing in external space options.

No matter your world, there is a laptop that is going to make your life easier. Ask yourself what is going to be done on this machine, and then work from there.

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