Samsung RV511 Laptop Review

The Samsung RV511 Laptop is a nifty 15 inch screen versatile laptop. Some of the nicest features on the Samsung RV511 are the crisp display, it is lightweight and an HDMI port.

Samsung has long produced high quality computers and the RV511 is no different. It is not a very flashy or even great looking laptop but Samsung seemed more interested in performance than it did style. The screen is one of the selling features of the RV511 as it features a 15.6 inch screen but is also very light. It weighs in at a little over 2.4kg which makes it easy to transport. This light weight is of especial importance to college and secondary students who also rank weight as one of the biggest concerns when shopping for a new laptop.

What powers the Samsung AV511 is the Intel Core i3-380M CPU that runs at 2.53 GHz. This makes for ample processing speed and power and allows Samsung to keep up with other laptops in the same price. The RV511 tends to come preloaded with Windows Home 7 Premium and Office 2010.

One of the areas that may be of concern to some is that the RV511 is not particularly good for gaming. Many people enjoy hooking up their controllers and playing their favorite video games on their laptop. The graphics are good enough to handle some games but on the more intense graphic-driven video games the RV511 does not possess a very powerful video driver which gives some games a serious lag.

Overall, the Samsung RV511 is a lightweight, powerful laptop that is easy to transport and will take care of all of your basic computer needs with ease.

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